about us
Common Extract is a mobile and handheld games developer, founded in December 2008 as a Internet startup, gradually we move into creative multimedia field and only focusing on mobile and handheld games.

We grew and learn a lot as we progressively becoming influential. We aim to create games centralize around the community's feedback and interest. Be creative, pushing the boundary one step at a time.Bla bla bla bla bla, you read that?

“In time, you realize design and creativity revolve around everyday life, from everything you see on the wall, posters, websites and the strategy bringing them to the shelves; which all involves creativity in one way or another.

Rob, Managing Director.


Jayden Ng, Digital Marketeer.

“Programmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is his specialty, started coding job since very young age, interested in casual games, creating games is all he pursue all the time.”

Lakmal, Senior Awesome Coder

“I'm Aaron, most people call me Pua. I'm a newly graduate student from Sunway College Johor Bahru and employed by Common Extract as a game developement programmer. I'm very keen to learn everything about the IT. Actually, I'm totally new to program games. This is the 1st time for me to do this, because our college doesn't teach us this, so I will try my very best to learn everything from the scratch, to develop more better games for our company. When problem arise, i will try to solve it no matter how hard, because i love to take challenges! I love to share my new findings, so i hope that my friends around me will do the same to me. Thanks to Common Extract for giving me all the opportunities to learn more things from him. Long live to Our company, hurray! "

Aaron, Programmer.

“I’m Deep, everyone call me in this way. I’m fresh graduated student from Sunway College and employed by Common Extract as a game development programmer. Honestly, it is not my expertise for game development. But I would try hard to learn new language and technique for how to make interesting, fun, and meaningful game. At the beginning, I face a lot of difficulty, but I have learned a lot of thing from totally empty idea about game stuff to at least get some idea of how it works. I would continue work hard. Fighting!!!"

Deep, Programmer.

“The New Guy, to be updated"

Kris, CG Artist.

“The New Guy, to be updated\"

Sean, CG Artist.

The Web guy.

Keith Liew
The graphic artist.

Edward Tiah
The Graphic Girl.

Pei Shih.
The scripter.

Clinton Wittstock
The 3D intern.

Bobby Choo
Shader and Coder!

- Najwa Hussin

- PohYih

- Wilson Oh
Graphic & 2D Animation

- Charlotte Hor
2D Animator

- Wong Sy Yenn
2D Artist

- Vince Chee

- Soo Wen Chun

- Raja Segaran
CG Artist

- Chin Shi Qing

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